Air France-klm Said To Call Board Meeting On Alitalia Takeover

France proposes taxing data transferred out of EU

He proposed a cut in value-added tax (VAT) on home insulation work to 5 percent from 7 percent currently to increase energy efficiency. The government’s main energy ideas include efficiency programs, a push for more electric vehicles and a boost in renewable energy use. On Friday Hollande asked his industry minister to speed up construction of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, on which French firms such as carmaker Renault and Bollore have invested billions. Hollande also stuck to his campaign promise of cutting France’s reliance on nuclear power to 50 percent from 75 percent by 2025, adding that he wanted to boost alternative energy sources. COST SAVINGS France draws 80 percent of its electricity output from its fleet of 58 nuclear reactors but relies on oil and gas imports for other energy needs such as transport. It cut oil consumption by almost 10 percent between 1990 and 2012, helped by more fuel-efficient vehicles and more use of its own electricity over imported gas. But with oil prices rising about fivefold in the meantime, energy imports have weighed more on the country’s trade balance, with its total energy bill reaching a record 68.7 billion euros in 2012. Hollande said that his plans aim to save 20 billion to 50 billion euros on France’s annual energy bill by 2030. EUROPEAN CARBON TARGET He also called on European Union partners to agree a more ambitious target to cut greenhouse gas emissions and said the 28-nation bloc should consider imposing an EU-wide carbon tax. Hollande reiterated his call for the EU to cut CO2 emissions by 40 percent by 2030 compared to 1990 levels versus the existing 20 percent goal. That proposal chimes with plans under consideration by the European Commission.

France Bans Child Beauty Pageants, America Unlikely to Follow

France has proposed the European Union study taxing companies for transferring personal data outside of the bloc, for example in call centres abroad. Caption PARIS: France has proposed the European Union study taxing companies for transferring personal data outside of the bloc, for example in call centres abroad. The proposal is part of a series France has made ahead of an EU summit next month that also includes a call to put in place new tax rules that would require non-European Internet companies to pay taxes in Europe on profits earned there. France suggested studying “the introduction of tax rules for digital companies that would ensure that profits they generate in the European market are subject to taxation and the revenues shared among the member states,” according to the document, obtained by AFP. Complex, but legal, tax structures have allowed companies like Amazon and Google to pay little profit tax in most European countries although they generate hundreds of millions in profits in these markets. A hot button issue given the austerity policies governments across Europe are implementing, British lawmakers recently gave Internet company executives rough rides in hearings over the tax avoidance schemes. Through pricing of intellectual property companies can show most profit in European countries which have lower corporate tax rates, such as Ireland where Google has its European headquaters. In a new proposal, France suggested “preparing a report on the possibility of taxing data transfers outside of Europe”, but did not elaborate. The transfer of personal data outside the EU is highly regulated in order to protect the rights of individuals. Both transfers of data inside companies, such as sending information on employees from a European subsidiary to a non-EU parent, and between companies are affected. Transfer of personal data often happens when companies outsource certain tasks such as customer sales and help lines to offshore call centres. – AFP/ec

France must cut reliance on oil and gas, says Hollande

Both asked not to be named since talks are private. For Air France-KLM, already Alitalia s biggest shareholder, taking full control of its Skyteam alliance partner would help lock in access to one of Europes largest aviation markets. Counting against a purchase are the Italian companys mounting losses and Air Frances focus on reviving short-haul operations, which might make a deal involving a third-party such as Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways PJSC more likely, according to Donal ONeill, an aviation analyst at Goodbody Stockbrokers in Dublin. There would be some sense in Air France looking to increase their holding together with Etihad, said ONeill, who has a hold rating on Air France-KLM, Europes biggest airline. Air France by itself isnt exactly flush with cash at the moment and Etihad has aspirations to grow in Europe. Asian Links Air France-KLM spokesman Cedric Leurquin declined to comment on Alitalia and said he couldnt immediately confirm the date of the next board meeting. A representative of Rome-based Alitalia, where losses quadrupled to 280 million euros in 2012, declined to comment. Etihad, the third-biggest Gulf carrier, has been an ally of Air France since a pact in 2012, and may be a potential Alitalia investor after taking stakes in European operators including Air Berlin Plc (AB1) and Aer Lingus Group Plc. A tie-up would enhance Italy s connections with Asia via Abu Dhabi, complementing links to the west through Air France-KLM bases in Paris and Amsterdam. Italys infrastructure and transport minister, Maurizio Lupi, will also meet with his French counterpart on Sept. 26 to discuss the situation, he said yesterday at an event in Rome . Ill meet the French minister and Ill be clear about the fact that Alitalia is a strategic asset for our country and that finding an international partner is essential, Lupi said.

In 2009, a North Carolina Representative introduced a bill that would regulate pageants for girls under 13. There are several online petitions to keep girls out of pageants . (But then again, there are online petitions for almost anything.) The arguments made in France are similar to the ones made hereyoung girls are being taught that they are objects to be looked at and not people. We are talking about children who are only being judged on their appearance, and that is totally contrary to the development of a child, Chantal Jouanno, author of the French amendment, told the Associated Press. Jouanno also argues that the shows are tied up in the way women are treated. When I asked an organizer why there were no mini-boy contests, I heard him respond that boys would not lower themselves like that, she told the Senate during a debate. A Yahoo Shine blogger named Ilana Wiles wonders why Americans dont feel the same way. After watching a Toddlers & Tiarasclip of a mother waxing her daughters eyebrows as she screamed and cried for her to stop, I dont know why we arent trying to get child pageants banned in the United States too, she writes . One of the big reasons that America wont rush to shut down pageants is that theyve become a huge, money-making industry. According to Wiles, the pageant industry is worth over a billion dollars, and since the children arent technically working, theyre not subject to federal child labor laws. Last year, a paper in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry took a look at the ways child pageants impact both the children and parents involved. They found that for most pageant goers, the whole show is far more about the parents than the childrenthat parents were playing princess by proxy through their kids, with little regard for the kids. The papers author, Martina M.

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