Beyoncé has her Bond girl moment as she emerges from the sea in her bikini to drum up excitement for Brazilian leg of her tour

Local: The clip shows various scenes from around the country as the dates appear on screen

Beyonce took a break from her whirlwind tour to cool down on the beach, where the 31-year-old put her toned figure on full display in a small string bikini all while recording a promo video to drum up even more excitement for the next leg of the Mrs. Carter World Tour. Theres no denying the fact that Bey is unstoppable and she looks better than ever! Beyonces Bikini Video: Queen Bey looks like a modern day Bond girl while she slowly emerges from ocean its amazing! Next, we watch as the star writes Brazil in the sand. We also get to see Beyonce in a more relaxing state while lounging on a hammock in a pair of dark shades. Aside from giving viewers a glimpse of Beyonce in a bikini, the video also announces the dates of the Brazilian leg of the Mrs. Carter World Tour and what better way to get her fans all excited? Although Beyonce looks calm and composed in the promo video, it hasnt all been about breezy beach days for the star. In fact, we just spotted her shaking it on stage for the V Festival in London , where she debuted a new do and showed off a slew of fierce, high-fashion ensembles. Hey, whether shes storming the stage or rocking a bikini on the beach we cant get enough of Queen Bey!

Beyoncé gets a kiss on the cheek from Kid President in adorable interview

But Beyonce isnt one to take things for granted and decided to treat her Latin American fans to a promotional video ahead of the Brazilian leg of her Mrs Carter World Tour. And as if her fans werent excited enough already she emerges from the ocean in true Bond girl style before writing Brazil in the sand during the clip. Scroll down for video Bond girl: Beyonce appears in her bikini in a promotional video for Brazilian leg of world tour The video, which is filmed in black and white and has a real retro feel to it, begins with a lone fisherman rowing his boat. As Latin American music plays in the background the words Beyonce invites you to join her on her next adventure flash up on the screen in Brazilian. It then reads filmed on location in the marvellous Brazil before the 31-year-old makes her appearance. Beyonce goes retro in bikini for Brazilian tour promo Emerging from the sea dressed in her bikini, with her hair slicked off her face and with a pair of shades it is without a doubt a scene reminiscent of Ursula Andress in Dr. No. The video is then interspersed with scenes from the streets before a bikini-clad Beyonce begins writing Brazil in the sand. The star is then seen relaxing in a hammock and emerging from a swimming pool, again with her hair slicked off her face. One cool character: The singer filmed the video, which reveals the tour dates, in Brazil Written in the sand: Beyonce emerges from the sea and writes Brazil in the sand The video ends with the singer standing back to admire her handiwork in the sand as the dates of her shows flash up on the screen. In September she will be playing five cities in Brazil, as well as four other shows across Latin America. The retro video comes after she sparked controversy at the weekend by reportedly refusing to allow the Channel 4 the rights to film her performance at V Festival. Relaxing: The 31-year-old lies back in a hammock in the short promotional clip Long: The video must have been filmed before the star cut her hair as it still appears long She also appeared on stage 30 minutes late, prompting boos from the crowd who were sick of waiting for the headliners, but when she did arrive she delighted fans by debuting her new blonde bob.

By Chiderah Monde / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Tuesday, August 20, 2013, 10:47 AM SoulPancake via YouTube Beyonce is excited to get a kiss from the 10-year-old YouTube star. It may not mean much to him now, but when Tennessee 10-year-old “Kid President” Robbie Novak gets to high school, he’ll probably always be telling the story of that time he got to kiss Beyonce . The chance encounter happened when the pop superstar joined Novak to celebrate World Humanitarian Day on Monday. SoulPancake via YouTube Beyonce sits down with Kid President for an adorable interview for World Humanitarian Day. The Internet superstar has gotten to meet everyone from President Obama to actor Nicolas Cage since his debut video, “A Pep Talk from Kid President to You” went viral on YouTube. “So Beyonce,” he says, but not without laughing. After a couple takes, the superstar answers the Kid President’s questions about who encourages her and what the world needs more of. SoulPancake via YouTube Are they best friends? Only if I get a kiss on my cheek, Beyonce laughs. “I think it’s so important for us to take some time and be unselfish and have compassion, because we really can impact the world,” the singer said. “I think the world needs …

Giancarlo Stanton covers Beyonce’s ‘All the Single Ladies’ with accurate arm and finger choreography!

Sports Tweet 0 Giancarlo Stanton appeared on MLB Network’s “Intentional Talk” show Tuesday night and presumably was asked some questions about the Miami Marlins and whatnot. We’re more interested in the whatnot, specifically his impersonation of pop diva Beyonce. All of the context we have in the video clip is co-host Kevin Millar saying to Stanton: “Gimme just a little Beyonce right now. Since we finished with Beyonce, and she is the hottest of the group, gimme just a little bit of Beyonce.” After blanking for several seconds, Stanton stepped up to the plate mic and started grooving, or something, to “All the Single Ladies,” complete with semi-accurate miming of her performance that includes the trademark “Should (of) put a ring on it,” arm movements. Oh, karaoke. Clearly, it’s something he would not have been open to doing when we called him Mike Stanton before the 2012 season. I like Giancarlo better. And he has plenty of time to use this moment as a springboard to get his slugging percentage higher. The biggest question is, will the Marlins stick with their plan of alienating everyone and acquiring young talent long enough for Stanton to put a ring on it while playing for them? Big BLS H/N: For the Win Looking for more baseball chatter? Also, check out the BLS Facebook Page Related coverage on Yahoo! Sports:

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