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My dad would discuss the harvest, the labor issues, the changes in government policy, etc. and my mom would focus on the food, the nutrients, the taste and the market prices. In all these discussions, three things always struck me: One, that the practice of agriculture was difficult – physically and economically – but emotionally satisfying. Two, that it was complex — there were a lot of variables involved in any decision my father took for our farm – weather, government policies, labor availability, food prices, land prices, interest rates, equipment costs, (just to name a few) — all were considered all the time at both ends of the entire food ecosystem. And three that my family wanted me to get out of farming and become a professional (doctor or engineer) – the hardship and complexity was just not worth it; other professions were more efficient at making money. Quite a message to digest for a 10-year-old. But even more importantly, quite a paradox — if the world indeed needed is challenged by population growth, don’t we need more, smarter professionals as growers, not fewer? And, shouldn’t we have more emphasis on making the food ecosystem profitable and efficient, so young people don’t leave this important vocation as a career choice? And shouldn’t the best technologies be constantly focused on making food tastier, more nutritious, more affordable, more efficient and safer while also allowing farmers to earn higher profits? How can we achieve this? Clearly my parents couldn’t imagine that future. They saw the food ecosystem as a zero-sum game. But then again, neither could they imagine Google, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix or Verizon.

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We will resolve the issue.” He said a committee has been formed to address concerns. He added about 50% states including BJP-ruled ones will launch the scheme by this year-end. Earlier, leading the attack, Uttar Pradesh food minister Rajendra Chaudhary charged the government with bringing the law “hurriedly” for political gain and “hosting the notification on the web” without putting in place a system to ensure that the poor got foodgrain and there was no diversion of subsidized grains to the open market. “Include states’ concerns in your list of concerns,” he added. Chaudhary asked the Centre to bear 100% additional expenses on all accounts including transportation, handling, commission to ration shop owners and setting up of consumer redressal mechanism. He also sought funds in advance for implementation of the law. UP is the biggest gainer of the central law. Another state government official said that when the Centre is using the scheme for political dividend and can spend huge on food subsidy why can’t it pay little more for other expenses. UPA’s new-found friend JD(U) did not leave the opportunity to put forward its list of demands. Bihar food minister Shyam Rajak said the Centre should bear the entire expenditure on end-to-end computerization of the distribution system. Congress-ruled Andhra Pradesh demanded that the Centre should allocate 1.6 lakh tonnes of additional rice per month to meet its demand.

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USA TODAY 2:27 a.m. EDT September 30, 2013 Take firm action with these tips on eating away from home. Fed up with food allergies? Follow these tips when eating away from home. (Photo: David Baratz/USA WEEKEND) SHARE 7 CONNECT 2 TWEET 3 COMMENTEMAILMORE If you have food allergies, you know eating even a bit of your trigger food can cause a reaction, from mild (hives, itchy mouth) to severe (trouble swallowing, shortness of breath, even loss of consciousness). The only prevention: Avoid the trigger food. And that’s easier said than done. In one of the latest efforts to manage food allergies, UCLA researchers created a portable device still in prototype stage that attaches to your smartphoneand analyzes food right on the spot for allergens. Until that’s in the real world, here are some tips on avoiding allergens when you or loved ones are away from home: Dining out: Talk to everyone and ask a lot of questions. Your server, the chef and even the restaurant manager should know about your food allergy. You should know exactly what’s in your dish and how it was prepared. Explain cross-contact danger: Some studies say more than 20% of restaurant staffers think picking an allergen (nuts, for example) off a dish renders it safe. Your best bets: Order simple options (baked potato or steamed vegetables) and skip dessert (often a source of hidden allergens).

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