Foreplay with Escorts in London

People’s perception of foreplay has changed in recent years. It used to be considered as a chore by some men – something that was a necessary task to prepare women for sex. These days, foreplay is an important part of the whole experience of sexual intercourse, for both the man and woman. Of course, some of the best lovemaking is impromptu and fast with no warm up required, but generally it takes time to get into the mood. The slow build up created by foreplay can make the climax much more intense, so it’s definitely worth the wait.

Although men can get aroused very quickly, women  especially escorts in London need longer periods of stimulation to get to the same point. Foreplay can begin with very tame gestures such as hugging and cuddling, which can lead to kissing and touching sensitive parts of the skin. After this, there can be fondling, manual and oral stimulation. There’s no such thing as too much foreplay; the more you’re both gagging for it, the better it will feel when you finally succumb!


As men and women get older it can take longer to become aroused. Before engaging in sexual intercourse, the man should be fully erect and the woman completely lubricated. If you are meeting with  high class escorts London  for a long time, the familiarity can mean that you need more spice to reach the same levels of stimulation. This is why foreplay is so important; it enhances the whole experience.

One of the most arousing things a man can experience is a escorts London  pleasure. Although it can be easy to get caught up in the throes of passion and focus solely on your own pleasure, it is a massive turn on to watch, hear and feel your partner get closer to climax. Encourage all the high class London escorts not to be shy; even just listening to her breathing quicken can spark your own arousal. There’s a lot to be said for having sex with the lights on too; you shouldn’t be embarrassed about your ‘sex face’. You’re both adults, and seeing the pleasure you’re giving each other far outweighs the risk of pulling a strange expression.


Fortunately, there is  a perfect formula for angelic escort in London are different and they have their own turn on’s, so it’s all about learning what does it for her. Some enjoy their breasts and nipples being stimulated, others adore oral. Most women like gentle strokes on their skin or a sensual massage, as do most men. Try to keep a fair balance so that neither of you feel hard done by; you should give at least as much as you receive.

If you’re a man who doesn’t have much experience with the ladies, hire one of beautiful escorts in London  to give you some pointers! They could help to become more relaxed in a woman’s company.

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