New York’s Finger Lakes Wine Trail

Buy it or hate it, New Yorkers flock to Banksy’s art

The water mass helps to retain the cold in the spring thus preventing the buds from breaking too early on the vine, which could make them susceptible to late spring frosts. The lakes also help retain the heat of summer into the fall, giving the vineyards extra protection from the cold, and extending the growing season. The lake effect, the area’s soil and the cool climate combine to provide conditions conducive to a wide variety of grapes, creating a diversity of wines. Riesling is a stand-out, but other white European vinifera like Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris are making their mark. You can also find such outstanding French-American Hybrid whites as Seyval Blanc, Vidal Blanc and Cayuga White, along with the region’s indigenous and popular Labrusca whites Niagara and Diamond. Dry Rose wines are becoming the rage, and red wine lovers find that Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and Lemberger (a.k.a. Blaufrankisch) have become signatures of the region. Currently, there are 118 wineries in the Finger Lakes. Although the wineries spread out around the region, the most concentrated population dot the shores of the big three lakes: Cayuga, Seneca and Keuka. For the self-guided wine tourist, the individual wine trails make it easy to set yourself up with a day full of fun visits. Just check out the website maps and you are good to go. Of course, it is always best to have a designated driver for your group so the day ends well and to focus on one lake for the day. The Cayuga Lake Wine Trail Cayuga Lake is the longest of all of the Finger Lakes measuring in at close to 40-miles from top to bottom. From Seneca Falls (the town where It’s a Wonderful Life was filmed) at the north end of the lake, to Ithaca (home to Cornell University) at the south, Cayuga lake is loaded with touristic possibilities. Whether you travel the east or the west coast, you will find wineries, great shopping, and terrific eateries along the way.

Analyzing New York Jets’ Week 7 Contest Against the Patriots

New York doesn’t feature the firepower on offense necessary to compete register a big number on the scoreboard on a consistent basis, which increases the amount of pressure put forth on the defense. The Jets are also the most penalized team in the NFL , recording a whopping total of 55 flags in six games. This is characteristic of a losing football team. On the flip side, the Patriots have been the fifth-fewest penalized team this season (26). The most astounding statistic the Jets boast on defense is the total number of sacks and tackles for the loss they’ve accumulated in six games. They rank No. 1 in the NFL, recording a combined total of 46 in that category, according to . If the Jets are going to beat the Patriots on Sunday, they need to play clean football and pressure future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady into succumbing to pressure in the backfield. However, the Jets also need to win the turnover battle. New York has mounted a pathetic total of three takeaways in six games, a number than Smith has more than quadrupled on his own. Who will win this Week 7 matchup?

The art is defined in part by the artist’s mystique. It is still uncertain whether Banksy, who remains unidentified since emerging in England in 1993, is one artist or a group. In the 2010 documentary about Banksy, “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” which received widespread critical praise, the artist is always shrouded in a head covering or his face is hidden in shadows. “He’s sort of like Batman,” Matt Adams, a Williamsburg resident, said as he photographed the Japanese-themed stencil. “No one knows who he is, he does his work under cloak of darkness and everyone in New York is looking for him.” VANISHING ACTS The New York Daily News reported this week that the New York Police Department is searching for the artist to charge him with vandalism. An NYPD spokesman would not confirm or deny a Banksy manhunt but said the department’s vandal squad investigates all graffiti complaints. New Yorkers have flocked to Banksy’s art, eager to view pieces before they are defaced or removed, possibly by rival artists or those who think Banksy’s work is shallow and his fame undeserved. “I will hand it to him that it’s clever, but it’s one step away from really smart marketing,” said New York radio DJ AndrewAndrew, who works with a DJ partner also named Andrew. The DJ duo – both of whom are contractually obliged to use the name AndrewAndrew – criticized Banksy’s work on the air last week as less skilled and less meaningful than some other American graffiti artists like Shepard Fairey, who designed the red-and-blue “Obama Hope” poster. An image of the Twin Towers destroyed in the September 11, 2001, attacks that had been spray-painted by the artist on a wall in Brooklyn Heights was removed Thursday night after less than a week in place. It is unclear who was responsible. Last Sunday, Banksy set up a table in Central Park selling small canvases with his trademark image of a rat for $60 apiece, according to his website. Six people, unaware of the art’s worth, bought canvases, including a Dutch tourist who bargained the price down to $30, according to Banksy’s website.

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