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9 Movies You Should Be Ashamed To Be Afraid Of

The Entity (1983) S Remember being scared by Poltergeist? That’s fair. Poltergeist is a good horror film that makes the environment that surrounds us every day vaguely threatening. Plus they did that whole ‘based on a true story’ media blitz at the time of its release. If that didn’t make you feel a little creeped out when you saw static on your tv screen, you weren’t paying attention during the movie. The Entity was Poltergeists’ sleazy cousin, that was all about watching a ghost sexually assault a woman for two hours in a vaguely poltergeist-ish way. It’s embarrassing to have seen it at all. And yet the two movies layer on each other and morph into this big creepy mass that keeps you from feeling safe in your house even though one of those movies clearly didn’t earn your fear. 2. The Blair Witch Project (1999) The Blair Witch Project isn’t really a bad movie. In fact it’s so good that it paved the way for a lot of other movies. After it came out, other movies allowed their monster mythology to be vague, instead of explaining every detail. Other movies used the found footage technique to give people a sense of immediacy during the experience and reality after it. Other movies threw out the formula that said “the girl lives,” in favor of killing everyone and leaving the audience alone with the monster at the end.

Prima Cinema server

Movies are automatically downloaded, but you only pay for the movies you watch. Prima claims better than Blu-ray quality and twice the sharpness of Blu-ray which is a bit of a stretch, seeing as the resolution is 1080p/24 (same as Blu-ray). The encoded bit rate is twice that of Blu-ray (less compression ) and there are more bits per color . So presuming your equipment can handle the latter, it should be a little better than BD. That said,even if it looks the same as Blu-ray, thats still excellent. Currently, Universal Pictures, Focus Features, Magnolia Pictures Millennium and Cinedigm offer movies on Prima. If other services are any indication (like Netflix Netflix , iTunes, Google Google Play and etc.), expect to see more studios sign on if Prima does well. Cost(s) If youre expecting the Prima Cinema to be expensive, youd be right. Just the hardware is $35,000. Each movie is $500, and you only get to watch it once. You have to be vetted by the company (you cant just buy one). The fingerprint scanner makes sure its you watching the movie (or are at least in the room when it starts). There are even more draconian security features than the use of your digit. Its essentially locked to your home and specific display.

Free Movies Not Completely Furloughed This Weekend

8:30pm: A Fistful of Dollars (1964). The first of Clint Eastwoods Man with No Name movies. Free with dinner purchase at American City Diner, 5532 Connecticut Ave. NW. Thursday: 6pm: Meet the Browns (2008). A struggling single mother discovers a family she never knew she had. Part of the Tyler Perry Film Series at William O. Lockridge/Bellevue Library, 115 Atlantic St. SW. 6pm: The Great Gatsby (2013). Baz Luhrmanns visual feast of an adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald literary classic. An Oscar film screening at the Burke Library, 4701 Seminary Rd., Alexandria, Va. 6:30pm: Bully (2011).

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