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Disney owns a bunch of TV channels around the world, so it can put its own movies on its own channels and generate additional advertisement revenues whenever it desires to do so. Having said that, it’s easy to see that eventually, even movies like The Lone Ranger will end up profitable for Disney. According to PBS, box office revenues represent only about 25% of all revenues a company could generate from a movie. This is something the investors seem to forget very frequently. Oz The Great and Powerful Now moving on to Disney’s another not-so-successful movie Oz The Great and Powerful. The company spent $215 million for this movie just like it did with the Lone Ranger. The movie generated $234 million in the US, $258 million outside of the US, which brings the total to $493 million. Applying our rule of thumb where half of the revenues are kept by Disney, the movie was profitable by about $31 million. This movie was already released in DVD and other formats and it sold 797,284 DVD copies so far, generating $14.90 million in revenues. Keep in mind that this number only corresponds to the US market and excludes rentals. The movie also generated $18.7 million in blu-ray sales in the US.

Movies: ‘Riddick’ sequel has Vin Diesel running on fumes

There are scary dog-like predators that look like a cross between hyenas and zebras. There are fearsome scorpion-like monsters that lure their prey with canny intelligence. There are other creatures circling high overhead, but Riddick cant fly, so those arent as much of a problem. Relying primarily on visuals, with a spackling of voice-over narration to help ease viewers into the movie, writer/director David Twohy creates an involving survival drama that constantly raises the stakes on Riddick, then finds a plausible way to extricate him from each cliffhanger. But there are early signs of trouble, too. A flashback explaining how Riddick wound up on this inhospitable rock does away with the entirety of The Chronicles of Riddick in two minutes. When Riddick traps a dingo-thing pup and tames it, the animal, which has the wide eyes of a Disney character, becomes such a precocious and playful creature that I kept waiting for Riddick to name it Marley (Riddick also manages to somehow teach the beast English, since he can say Bring me my reserves, and the adorable hyena-thing understands exactly what he means). Then the plot kicks in, and Riddick starts to fall apart. Two packs of bounty hunters come looking for Riddick, who is wanted across the galaxy, preferably dead. They are all B-movie stock types. There is the calm, authoritative one (Matt Nable), who doesnt want to kill Riddick, only to speak to him about something.

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Users can rate films, add them to watch lists, and add them to collections right from the main image, or they can click on the film to access more detailed information. One advantage of Rinema’s interface is the ability to find groups of movies by clicking on directors, performers, or key words like genre types. If you happen to have seen every Bette Davis movie ever made, you can easily access the whole list and rate them all in one easy step, without having to remember and enter each film title into a search engine. Rinema connects users with other film fans by using an OkCupid style of matching that identifies percentages of similarity. As users follow more “Taste Buddies,” they will see more films being ranked by those who share their interests, creating a kind of domino effect as users see the films others are ranking and add their own ratings or comments. With the site just out of beta, the number of users is still relatively small, but niche communities should become more distinct as more people join. Like the other movie sites, Rinema also allows users to create and search through lists of films, including AFI collections, Roger Ebert picks, and lists created by other Rinema users. All of the lists include thumbnail images of film posters to give users an idea of the movies included. Lists are another way to find large groups of movies to rank, which should help new users quickly find and rate all of their favorite films. Check out the video about the Sight & Sound poll to learn more about some of the classic movies you’ll find on many of Rinema’s lists of iconic films. Rinema bills itself as a “Goodreads for movies,” and its crisp visual orientation and easy-to-use database should make it popular with cinephiles who like to keep track of the movies they see and compare their opinions with other fans. With more than 170,000 movies included in its database, Rinema can keep users busily checking films and loading their streaming and DVD queues for a very long time. International users should be aware that, unlike iCheckMovies, Rinema uses the English language names for films, which should actually make it easier to rate foreign films without having to know their original titles.

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Drinking Buddies (R) Drinking Buddies is helped enormously by its relaxed pacing, exuberant alt-rock soundtrack and photogenic lead players, all of whom are still young enough to drink copious glasses of hoppy libations without one broken blood vessel or expanding waistline. Wilde and Johnson are particularly convincing as opposite-sex buds who are so in synch that they raise their glasses at the same time. Ann Hornaday Winnie Mandela (R) In truth, the casting is probably the only reason Winnie Mandela is in theaters today. Despite the marquee names and their obvious talent, the film feels like a made-for-TV movie. Its slight and episodic, with a weirdly scrupulous ambivalence about its subject, whom it seems torn between loving and loathing. Michael OSullivan 1/2 Riddick (R) Riddick can be cheesy and silly, not to mention excessively violent, but its also fun. The story moves quickly along, and even when the outcome is plain, the journey remains entertaining. Diesel looks like an oaf but makes for a winning anti-hero. Stephanie Merry Adore (R) Adapted by the playwright Christopher Hampton ( Dangerous Liaisons , Atonement ), the film adheres to Lessings own spare, unyielding prose a framework Fontaine regrettably festoons with vapid beauty shots and longingly pretty gazes. Ann Hornaday Follow the Leader (Unrated) As a portrait of baby politicos, Follow the Leader contains some fascinating insights. While still in high school, Nick suffers a classic example of mudslinging, when his campaign Web site for student body president is hacked and replaced by mocking material. Maybe all politics is just like high school, the film suggests. Michael OSullivan Terraferma (R) The movie excels at atmospherics, including a strings-heavy soundtrack and the evocative sounds of open water, whether its a faint whale call or the underwater sloshing of an old boat drifting over waves. The cinematography is similarly expressive. One early image sticks out: A panorama captures Filippo dancing around the bow of his grandfathers boat as it scoots along the shimmery water. Stephanie Merry The Ultimate Life (PG) such sloppy attention to period detail is the least of the films worries. Such gaffes will likely not be noticed by viewers, most of whom will have fallen asleep by that point. Michael OSullivan Afternoon Delight (R) Afternoon Delight doesnt break new ground when it comes to midlife-crisis analysis for the minivan set. Soloway steers clear of broad, wacky scenarios that easily could have steered Delight down more mainstream avenues.

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Just drive in in Ipswich Photos Courtesy photo The Ipswich Recreation Department will sponsor a one-night drive-in at the Crane Beach parking lot Saturday, Sept. 7. Events Calendar Posted Sep 06, 2013 @ 05:10 PM Business News WHAT: Ipswich drive-in double feature, sponsored by the Recreation and Culture Department WHEN: Saturday, Sept. 7, 7:30 p.m. Rain date: Saturday, Sept. 14. Gates open at 7 p.m. Weather cancellation will be posted on the Recreation and Culture Departments Facebook page. WHERE: Ipswich Crane Beach parking lot, at the end of Argilla Road MOVIES: Field of Dreams, at 7:30 p.m. and The Perfect Storm, at 9:30 p.m. View from cars or from beach chairs. The Ipswich High School Interact Club will be selling concessions.

As for Affleck, this is likely the first time hes ever played a straight-up bad guy (he was a criminal in The Town, but he was a sympathetic character), so its a chance for him to show off his range. If Affleck nail it, it could go a long way toward assuaging the minds of anxious Bat-fans. Machete Kills (Oct. 11)- Ill see anything directed by Robert Rodriguez on general principle; the man is one of the best there is at delivering jaw-dropping, grimy, bloody entertainment. The first Machete may have been a ridiculous, blood-soaked affair, but it was tons of fun, and its in-your-face message about the immigration issue in the U.S. elevated it above many of its peers. This installment has upped the stunt casting (Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Lady Gaga), but with Rodriguez still in the directors chair and Danny Trejos rough-hewn visage still the starring attraction, chances are were still in for another wild and crazy ride. Count me in. Dallas Buyers Club (Nov. 1)- Words I never, ever thought Id say: Ill see anything with Matthew McConaughey in it. If you havent been paying attention to McConaugheys incredible comeback, you need to see more movies. Beginning with The Lincoln Lawyer (based on the novel by former UF student Michael Connelly), hes been on fire, with critically acclaimed turns in Killer Joe, Magic Mike and Mud. (If you havent seen Killer Joe, do so immediately, but be warned it is very, very graphic.) In Dallas Buyers Club, he plays a Texas electrician whos diagnosed with HIV and then battles the pharmaceutical industry to create more affordable treatments for patients (its based on a true story). Between this and The Wolf of Wall Street, it could be a very good fall for McConaughey.

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