Russia Gay Law Creator Calls Stephen Fry Evil

But in a series of interviews that will conclude Wednesday, many were asked their view of the recently enacted Russian law that bans the propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations, legislation that stands to overshadow the competition when the Games begin Feb. 7 . Gallery Surf dogs Their responses were as varied as the athletes themselves. Five-time Olympic medalist Bode Miller called the law an embarrassment and the International Olympic Committees prohibition on athletes expressing political views while competing at Olympic sites hypocritical and unfair. I think its absolutely embarrassing that there are countries and people who are that intolerant and that ignorant, said Miller, 35, the countrys most decorated male alpine skier. But its not the first time; weve been dealing with human-rights issues probably since there were humans. Prospective Olympian Agnes Zawadzki, 19, a two-time and defending U.S. bronze medalist in figure skating, deferred to the U.S. Olympic Committee, which in July voiced disapproval of the law but made clear that its role was to prepare American athletes to perform at their best. Im not there to make a difference, Zawadzki said of the Sochi Games, should she earn a spot on the 2014 U.S. squad. I want to focus on myself and what I have to do well to compete well at the Olympics. Two-time U.S. figuring skating champion Ashley Wagner , 22, a Potomac graduate, spoke earnestly, conceding she was nervous discussing the issue given that she was just an athlete but was determined to do so as someone with gay family members and many friends in the LGBT community.

Russia moves to revive plans for conference on WMDs in Middle East

???I do not know why we have to apologise in front of Westerners. The preaching tone that they adopted in this area does not suit us.??? The law orders fines for individuals and organisations deemed to have violated the law, and, unusually, also singles out foreigners who risk fines of up to 100,000 rubles ($3,106), detention for 15 days and deportation. Many commenters believe Russia underestimated the international reaction to the law, which now risks overshadowing the Sochi Winter Games, the biggest event in its post-Soviet history. But Milonov, who describes himself as a ???man of European culture??? defends the law as part of a promotion of family values in Russia and the protection of children. ???We have to defend the future of our children,??? said Milonov, who has children aged four and one. He railed against the legalisation of gay marriage in some European countries, describing it as a ???symptom of an illness in society, a spiritual degradation???. ???Ninety-five percent of Russians are against gay marriage. Gays do not have any support in Russian society.??? ???We could say that paedophilia is a sexual choice we could say that murder is one way to survive. But truth is truth and we cannot change the way things are.

Research and Markets: Russia Tyre Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2018

Summary As of 2011, there are just over 159,500 HNWIs in Russia. This report provides robust projections of the volume, wealth and asset allocation of local HNWIs and UHNWIs. The report then couches these findings in an analysis of the local Wealth Management and Private Banking sector, and the opportunities therein. Scope Independent market sizing of Russian HNWIs across five wealth bands HNWI volume, wealth and allocation trends from 2007 to 2011 HNWI volume, wealth and allocation forecasts to 2016 HNWI and UHNWI asset allocations across 13 asset classes Number of UHNWIs in each city City wise breakdowns of UHNWI volumes and volume growth from 2007 to 2011, as well as 2016 forecasts Number of wealth managers in each city City wise ratings of wealth management saturation and potential Details of the development, challenges and opportunities of the Wealth Management and Private Banking sector in Russia Size of the local wealth management industry Largest private banks in Russia by AuM Detailed wealth management and family office information Insights into the drivers of HNWI wealth Reasons To Buy The WealthInsight Intelligence Center Database is an unparalleled resource and the leading resource of its kind. Compiled and curated by a team of expert research specialists, the Database comprises up to one hundred data-points on over 100,000 HNWIs from around the world. It also includes profiles on major private banks, wealth managers and family offices in each country. With the Database as the foundation for our research and analysis, we are able obtain an unsurpassed level of granularity, insight and authority on the HNWI and wealth management universe in each of the countries and regions we cover. Comprehensive forecasts to 2016. Detailed information on UHNWIs in each major city. Key Highlights As of 2011, there are just over 159,500 HNWIs in Russia, with a combined wealth of US$941 billion. The total number of HNWIs in Russia decreased by 18.1% during the review period (20072011), while HNWI wealth declined by 25%.


Lavrov said Syria’s agreement to destroy its chemical weapons by next June should trigger a broader effort. “In the current situation, it is particularly important to make the … non-possession of weapons of mass destruction universal in this explosive region,” he said. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Syria’s government always viewed its long-undeclared chemical arsenal as a counterweight to the nuclear arms Israel is believed to possess. Israel has never acknowledged having atomic weapons. DIVIDED POWERS A plan for a meeting to lay the groundwork for the possible creation of a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction was agreed in 2010, co-sponsored by Russia, the United States and Britain. But Washington said the meeting would be delayed just before it was due to start at the end of last year. No new date has been announced. “Our American partners baulked and sidestepped this,” Lavrov said in the interview, published the same day Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was to meet US President Barack Obama. The United States also rejected a Russian proposal to include a line in a UN Security Council resolution saying that Syria’s plan to scrap chemical weapons was an important step toward a WMD-free Middle East, Lavrov told Kommersant. Russia has been Syria’s biggest diplomatic ally during the uprising against President Bashar Assad that has killed more than 100,000 people.

Russia – The Future of HNWIs to 2016: The Land of Oil and Gas

Russia is the one of the best performing economies in Europe and the country’s disposable income is increasing fast. However, the vehicle density in Russia is very low, with only 290 cars per 1000 people during 2012. The low density of vehicles in the country indicates scope for growth. As a result, several foreign automobile manufacturers are focusing on setting up new plants in Russia or expanding their existing production capacity. The growth in the country’s automotive industry would directly boost the tyre market. The tyre market growth will continue to be driven by the passenger car segment, which accounted for the majority share in Russia’s tyre market during 2012. The tyre market is also witnessing high growth in the OTR segment as a result of growth in Russia’s mining industry. Several companies such as Bridgestone, Belshina, Yokohama, Nizhnekamskshina, etc. are increasing their focus on this segment to capitalize the market potential. Key Topics Covered: 2. Global Tyre Market Outlook 3. Global Replacement Tyre Market Outlook 4. Russia Tyre Market Outlook 5.

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