Russia Gay Law Creator Calls Stephen Fry Evil


Sent! A link has been sent to your friend’s email address. Join the Nation’s Conversation To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs Russia, Belarus hold joint war games AP 1:21 p.m. EDT September 26, 2013 Story Highlights Massive joint military exercise involved more than 22,000 troops Russia and Belarus are allies and have close ties Thursday’s joint exercise was their biggest so far SHARE 1 CONNECT 17 TWEET COMMENTEMAILMORE MINSK, Belarus (AP) Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and his Belarusian counterpart have watched a massive joint military exercise of the two ex-Soviet neighbors that involved more than 22,000 troops. The West 2013 exercise conducted Thursday near the city of Grodno in western Belarus and in Russia’s westernmost Kaliningrad region also involved more than 500 armored vehicles and about 90 aircraft along with ships of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. Russia and Belarus are allies and have close economic, political and military ties. Russia has several military facilities in Belarus, and the two nations operate a joint air defense system. The two armies have regularly conducted joint maneuvers, Thursday’s exercise being the biggest so far. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko attended the exercise along with his nine-year old son, who donned full combat fatigues. Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. USA NOW

Flesh-Eating Street Drug from Russia Hits the US

The types of chemicals used by manufacturers vary. Some of the chemicals theyve used are very dangerous, LoVecchio said. Theyve used things like hydrochloric acid. Some have used paint thinners, gasoline and other stuff that includes phosphorous. The acidity of the chemicals causes the bodys fat and skin to burn off and die, LoVecchio said. The presence of chemicals also makes the body more prone to infection. Immediate effects include visible scarring on the skin. Long-term effects are much worse. Once you start using this drug on a daily basis, you could die within two years, he said. Other reports are that death is probably due to overwhelming infection. Your body cant fight the infection. Leslie Bloom, CEO of, said that despite the drugs dire consequences, krokodil use is not an outbreak to be fearful of. We dont want the public to be alarmed, she said.

‘We don’t have to apologise’ Despite the outcry sparked by the adoption of the law both in Saint Petersburg and nationwide, Milonov sees no harm in what he describes as ???preventative??? legislation. ???It???s a declaration of our values, our response to the challenges of the present time.??? ???Thank God that we have Putin, who defends the basic interests of Russia, for defending its values,??? said Milonov, saying that Russia ???needs to resist the wave of degradation that has seized the Western world.??? ???I do not know why we have to apologise in front of Westerners. The preaching tone that they adopted in this area does not suit us.??? The law orders fines for individuals and organisations deemed to have violated the law, and, unusually, also singles out foreigners who risk fines of up to 100,000 rubles ($3,106), detention for 15 days and deportation. Many commenters believe Russia underestimated the international reaction to the law, which now risks overshadowing the Sochi Winter Games, the biggest event in its post-Soviet history. But Milonov, who describes himself as a ???man of European culture??? defends the law as part of a promotion of family values in Russia and the protection of children. ???We have to defend the future of our children,???

Russia celebrates Internet Day as the number of internet users skyrockets

28 September, 15:21 Federal workers demand to be paid regardless of government shutdown Leaders of federal worker unions demand that the government pay their wages even if they are sent home during the government shutdown. They believe that government employees dont deserve to suffer because of politicians inability to vote for the next years budget. Today, 16:10 Joe Kaeser, the new Chief Executive Officer of Siemens AG, decided to appease the rating agencies by cutting 4% of the companys workforce. The official reason behind the layoffs is the necessity to catch up with General Electric. Today, 15:57 The Italian coalition government has collapsed but the president is still trying to avoid early elections. A showdown vote is scheduled for Tuesday. Today, 15:39 Over half of Chinese unhappy with sex life – survey Survey results point out that a whopping 52 percent of Chinese have a feeling of dissatisfaction in their sex lives. The most staggering numbers came from females in mainland China, with 96 percent admitting they want intercourse to last longer than it does. Today, 14:12 Poll reveals 1 in 8 men would prefer new iPhone instead of girlfriend One out of every eight men who were surveyed confessed that they would pick a brand new iPhone instead of a girlfriend. In a newly published poll by UK site Sale Land, three percent of males would actually break up with their current partner for the new iPhone. Today, 13:46 Nine out of every ten employees working in Singapore feel that demands on skills from hiring managers have risen compared to five years ago. These findings are being reported by the HR services agency, Randstad. Today, 13:30 Americans who don’t use Internet: who are they?

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