Russia: Greenpeace Activists Posed ‘real Threat’

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And no word on whether Putin keeps his shirt on. According to Variety , Belgian video developer Michele Rocco Smeets explains, Putin has this tough guy image and hes not afraid to get his hands dirty. He hunts, he rides, he shoots. A leader should be strong, and in my opinion Putin is the only world leader who really fulfils this image. That sounds like a seriously swoony crush. Lets hope Michele is a woman, because Putin, as we know, has a severe problem with man-on-man crushes . Oh, no. It doesnt look like thats the case . Michele is man. Micheles last game was Run Snowden Run, which saw Edward Snowden running to avoid U.S. capture. Putin had a cameo in that game. Moscow News says the game will feature one-liners attributed to Putin: After Putin stabs a zombie with a blunt writing instrument, he says, Give me back my pen! an echo of the leaders similarly blunt dressing-down of oligarch Oleg Deripaska in 2009, when Putin visited the struggling Russian town of Pikalyovo and famously tossed a pen over to billionaire factory owner Deripaska and ordered him to sign an agreement to restart the plants activities, before reminding the tycoon to return the pen to him. With current, universally appreciated pop culture references such as that, how can Michele not have a bestseller on his hands?

Russia’s Putin to battle zombies in video game

She will run the course in Vladivostok this November, hoping to unite Russia and Japan with the Olympic torch in hand. I hope I can serve as a bridge to deepen exchange between Japan and Russia, said Chizuko Shirahama, a native of Nagano Prefecture but has been living in Russia since 1992. Shirahama tookRussian Studies as her major at theSophia Universityand became a Japanese language teacher when she moved to Russia, which had just experienced the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. She worked at a university in Novosibirsk, Siberia where she would meet her husband. She now helps him run a restaurant chain in the city. The torch-bearer has also spent time working with the Japan Center in Vladivostok to promote Japan-Russia bilateral exchanges. The course that Shirahama will run is still not yet finalized, while other preparations are behind schedule. Even so, the Nagano native is convinced that the winter games will become a success. Russia is a broad-minded country, Shirahama said. Although aware regarding the concerns whether the country can do well or not, Shirahama believes that the Sochi Winter Olympics will end wonderfully after all.

Russia-based Japanese woman appointed to be 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics torchbearer

EDT September 30, 2013 Protesters and activists demonstrate to support the 30 activists arrested in Russia in front of the Russian Embassy in Bern, Switzerland, Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013. (Photo: Peter Klaunzer, AP) Russian officials say activists threaten security of personnel on Arctic offshore drilling platform. Thirty people on Greenpeace ship have been jailed for two months. Russian officials say charges will be filed soon against the activists. SHARECONNECT 28 TWEET COMMENTEMAILMORE MOSCOW (AP) Russia’s main investigative agency on Monday accused Greenpeace activists of posing a “real threat” to the security of personnel on an offshore drilling platform in the Arctic, another indication that Moscow plans to prosecute the jailed environmentalists for their protest. All 30 people who were on a Greenpeace ship, including two journalists, have been jailed for two months pending an investigation into their Sept. 18 protest at the platform owned by state-controlled energy giant Gazprom. The Investigative Committee said charges would be filed soon, but did not specify whether it was still considering charging the activists with piracy, a crime punishable by up to 15 years in prison. The investigators said the Greenpeace ship, the Arctic Sunrise, had violated the 500-meter security zone around the platform and that it was carrying equipment whose purpose was still unclear. In a statement, the investigators said they had seized some equipment and documents from the ship as part of their ongoing search. Greenpeace Russia denied the ship had ventured closer than the 500 meters established by Russian and international law. The inflatable boats used by activists to scale the offshore platform did violate this zone, but posed no danger, the organization said.

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