Uk Pm Says Terror Attack Carried Out For Islam Has Nothing To Do With Islam

UK clears Zanu PF political activities

Picture: Jason Derulo – iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party at Fontainebleau BleauLive – Arrivals – Miami Beach, FL, United States – Sunday 30th June 2013 Jason Derulo is celebrating his third UK No.1 single, with latest track ‘Talk Dirty’ taking the top spot in this week’s Official Singles Chart. The American R&B singer sold over 160,000 copies this past week and pushed Katy Perry’s single to the second position, ending her two week reign on top. ‘Talk Dirty’ has become Derulo’s fastest selling single ever in the UK, and is the third fastest selling single of 2013. He spoke to and said “talk Dirty is Number 1? Heeeeeelll yeah” He added “My new album is not even out yet and already making history because of you! Thank you for your continued support, I’m gonna have to move to the UK in a minute!” The No.1 single features American rapper 2 Chainz and it is the second track off his upcoming 3rd studio album ‘Tattoos’ which will be released in the UK this Monday. The album’s first single , ‘The Other side’ was released back in June and was denied the top spot by Robin Thicke’s summer hit ‘Blurred Lines’. Jessie J’s new entry ‘It’s My Party’ reached No.3 while OneRepublic’s ‘Counting Stars’ dropped to the forth position. the 24 year old took to his twitter account thanking his fans from across the pond- “UK thank u so much!” Deurlo’s third studio album ‘Tattoos’ will be released in the UK on September 23rd 2013. The Official UK Top 10 Singles is listed below: 1 Jason Derulo – Talk Dirty (ft. 2 Chainz) 2 Katy Perry – Roar 3 Jessie J – It’s My Party 4 OneRepublic – Counting Stars 5 Avicii – You Make Me 6 Avicii – Wake Me Up 7 Drake – Hold On, We’re Going Home (ft. Majid Jordan) 8 Ellie Goulding – Burn 9 9 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Same Love (ft.

UK’s Labour to outline long-awaited spending strategy

economy appears not to be doing too badly without it. Britain’s economy grew 0.7 percent in the second quarter of the year, house prices are rising, consumer confidence is improving and the manufacturing sector is expanding. That defeat was largely the result of accusations that it had mismanaged the U.K. economy, voter ambivalence over then-leader Gordon Brown and the aftermath of the unpopular Iraq war. A recovering economy is likely then to take some of the firepower out of arguments made by shadow finance minister Ed Balls that the government’s stubborn adherence to austerity policies is doing long-term damage to the economy. “The improvement in the economy over the last few months is very helpful to the government and the Chancellor [George Osborne, the U.K.’s finance minister) in particular. It certainly makes it harder to lay into Osborne’s austerity policy and it is significant that the Labour party is now focusing its attacks more on wealth distribution,” Howard Archer, chief U.K. and European economist at IHS Global Insight, said. voters appear to be weary with Labour too, particularly in light of the data that showed Osborne’s policies could be working. A YouGov poll on Thursday showed that for the first time in 18 months, and despite unpopular policies, the Conservative party had pulled level with Labour in opinion polls which gave both parties 36 percent of the vote. “Labour has seen a double digit lead disappear in weeks. Its summer of discontent could turn into an autumn of despair,” YouGov President Peter Kellner told the U.K.’s Sun newspaper which published the survey. Yes, we are on the right track, but politicians cannot allow themselves to become distracted with other priorities,” BCC Director General, John Longworth, said on its challenge to Labour. “The economy has to remain at the top and we mustn’t allow ourselves to sit back and think that the job is now doneCurrently, there seems to be a lack of ambition from our political class,” he added, saying that the U.K. needed large-scale investment, a focus on youth employment and a re-negotiated relationship with the European Union (EU).

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Mugabe’s Zanu PF party free to set up structures in UK Take Mugabe ‘with pinch of salt’: UK ZANU PF has assured its supporters in the United Kingdom that athey donat need to operate under the radara after assurances from the British government that they will not be targeted. An interim Zanu PF executive in the United Kingdom led by Nick Mangwana claims aa lot of cadres were persecuted in machinations led by their own regime change countrymen who campaigned for their deportation and expulsion.a aThose in public service jobs nearly lost them, and some lost them. Those in academic research had grants and funding withdrawn,a Mangwana said on Sunday. But after engagement with the UK Foreign Office, Mangwana said they now had written reassurances that they can hold public meetings and canvass without being targeted. He explained: aAssurances were initially given verbally but at our insistence for written assurances, details of the leadership were sought. It was only then that the policy statement was sent to the chairman of the steering committee assuring that the British government has no problem with Zanu PF operating from the heartland of Europe. aAfter many years of threats, covert and overt retributive actions against people who were perceived to be Zanu PF supporters and cadres, the British government has now given its assurance for their protection.a In a letter to the Zanu PF interim executive, Mark Simmonds, Britainas Minister for Africa, said: aYou asked whether there would be any objections to Zanu PF activity here in the UK. AThere would be no bar on your activities here in the UK, providing they do not contravene UK law, as is the case for any political party.a Simmonds further asked the Zanu PF executive to meet with Richard Croker, the Head of the Zimbabwe Unit at the Foreign Officeas Africa Department Central ato discuss the issues you have raiseda. Mangwana said: aThe steering committee wishes to extend this assurance to cadres that they donat need to operate under the radar. It’s okay to join the very fashionable Zanu PF UK openly.a Relations between the Zanu PF-led Zimbabwe government and former colonial power Britain remain frosty. Mugabe and nine other officials remain on European Union sanctions which he says were instigated by Britain which was angry with his land reform policy, but the UK accuses Mugabe of election fraud and rights abuses.

Im ashamed to have him as leader of my country. Where is our next Winston Churchill? I dont trust any of the mainstream British political parties. I will be voting UKIP next time (and even UKIP arent good enough for my liking, but at least theyre a step in the right direction). United States, youre in the same sewer-pit as the rest of us. We cant even rely on our so-called Conservatives. Youve got your RINOs and we have our CINOs. Its time for a civil war! Marridge Cameron, you are a COWARD. herb benty The intellectual elite are arrogant and stupid. The Biblical, professing themselves to be wise, they became fools has come to pass. Where is a Margaret Thatcher when Britain so needs someone with a backbone? barryjr The reincarnation of Neville Chamberlain.

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