Whitechapel, A London Mystery Still Unsolved

Investors in London will be allowed to apply for licenses to invest yuan directly into China, Osborne announced. He said the Chinese central bank set an initial quota for London of 80 billion yuan ($12.7 billion). Tuesdays announcement put London ahead in the race by global financial centers to gain a share of yuan-denominated business as Beijing gradually expands use of its currency for trade and investment. Hong Kong was the first financial center outside mainland China where trading of yuan was authorized. London banks have traded yuan since early last year. Now London is a major global offshore center for the trading of the Chinese currency, Osborne told reporters. Britain and China signed an agreement in June to have their central banks swap 200 billion yuan for 20 billion pounds. The European Central Bank and Beijing announced a similar agreement this month to swap 350 billion yuan for 45 billion euros. That suggested Frankfurt also might be in to become a center for business denominated in yuan. Also Tuesday, Osborne said Chinas state-owned banks will be allowed to expand their operations in Britain by setting up wholesale branches. Cameron was forced to abandon his April trip after China said he would not be able to meet senior officials. Some lower-level meetings also were put on hold. British diplomats say Camerons visit is being rescheduled but a date has yet to be announced. Copyright 2013 The Associated Press.

You know about it, but dont think about it. The sleuth in you will want to solve those unsolved crimes when enlightened. Rags Daniels, an English author of thrillers, notes In the early hours of the 31st August 1888 a man is walking to work down a dark lane in Whitechapel, he sees a shapeless bundle lying on the ground near some gates; curious he goes over to investigate. His gruesome discovery of a murdered East End prostitute then started one of the most famous man hunts in the world. Thats the hunt for who was Jack the Ripper, going from one unsolved murder after another. Its not the only reason to visit vibrant London. However, when you go, recommended by Londoners is that you take one of the many walking tours. For visiting Ripperologist and Beatles followers, setup your tour before departing http://bit.ly/17qQ43G . Well youre in the East End of London stop at one of the pubs and have fish and chips http://bit.ly/17FpRxv . Another delightful experience is to cruise on the Thames and have dinner http://bit.ly/1gGOfqG . You know how to get to London. While youre there, its recommended by London taxi owner Danny Kemp, mystery author, to rent a taxi for the day and get a tour guide included. Lastly, check out monthly events prior to traveling: http://bit.ly/17qPYch .

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